The Whelk – Westport, CT

Writing and Photography by Elizabeth Dorney

This leFarm/Souterrain fan got extremely lucky this week!
Welcome to Westport’s brand new seafood spot, The Whelk.

leFarm devotees and local food fans will recognize these names: Bill Taibe, Dan Kardos, Massimo Tullio. Plus a team of new and familiar faces providing a warm welcome, delicious food (mostly savory, with a few sweet finishes) and a growing list of libations offered up from an ample bar.

What exactly is a whelk? Well, this gastropod or sea snail is a darling of sustainable seafood lists and currently featured on the restaurant’s new menu, via the chowder. From scallop crudo and oysters on the half shell to smoked trout dip and octopus/squid poutine, you’ll find the bounty of the sea is the main point of inspiration at The Whelk. Landlubbers can stick to the lamb burger and crispy fries or hope that Chef Taibe won’t completely strike fried chicken from the menu.